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2001 - Best Documentary
2001 - Best Script
2005 - AVA Silver medal
Documentary making is our passion. Be it a personal ambition or part of someone else's desire to tell the world their story - we will listen, shoot and give it all the attention it deserves.         
                                                                                                                                         Bruce Nixon
Every now and again a special project comes along where you can become part of a great team of people. This was one of those teams - dedicating their time and a large chunk of their lives to try to get to the bottom of what some are calling, the biggest natural disaster to hit New Zealand!

Spear-headed by John Gray (above center) who is the CEO of HOBANZ (Homeowners and Builders Assn of New Zealand) we hit the road and travelled much of New Zealand over a 2 1/2 year period to get a well-rounded picture of the problem. Even though John has been called many things including a 'partisan', he gave everybody from both sides of the argument the chance to openly talk. The interesting thing was that most of the parties in government, legal and construction positions either ran for cover or fobbed us off entirely.

This photo was snapped outside the infamous 'Pepperwood Mews' appartment block in Avondale, Auckland. If any building was to be called the worst example of rotten construction, this is it.

'A Rotten Shame' TV One 9.30pm 6th July 2011.

(L-R) Bruce Nixon (DP), John Grey (Presenter) and Al Seconi (Sound).
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