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Held at Auckland's Victoria Park between New Zealand and Australia, this event is a mixture of netball, gridiron and aussie rules - with a frisbee!! With very unique rules and gameplay, it made for compelling viewing whether you followed it or not. Presented and commentated by Bob Gentil and Barry Keene.
Date: 2001
Duration: 48 minutes
Broadcast: SKY Sport, Staturn, FTN, Triangle, CH7, Mainland, CTV, CH9, Mercury
Bruce Nixon: DP, Producer
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Bob Gentle & Barry Keene
Ultimate action
NZ Ultimate Championships
NZ Triathlon National Championships
Gisborne... first to see the light of the new millenium in 2000, and venue for the first ITU ranked triathlon in the world. This was the 3rd year in a row that Bruce had been involved in the NZ Champs. The presenter was TV3's Howard Dobson. This event became a 'mini triathlon' of it's own for the TV crew!
Date: 1998, 1999, 2000
24 minutes
Internationally, SKY Sport, Saturn, FTN, CH7, Mainland, CTV, CH9, Mercury
Bruce Nixon:
DP, Director, Producer
Chopper Cam!
Men's winner at Gisborne
Basketball: NZ v's Canada
The 1st of 2 test matches and held at the North Shore Events Centre, Auckland. Presented by FTN's Barry Keene and commentated by Dave Norris and Kurt Dammers. With an OB rig consisting of four cameras, the event was later edited to 48 minutes of highlights whilst retaining the live commentary.
Date: 1999
48 minutes
SKY Sport, Staturn, FTN,  CH7, Mainland, CTV, CH9, Mercury
Bruce Nixon:
DP, Director, Producer
Opening graphics
Sean Marks
2001 - Best Documentary
2001 - Best Script
2005 - AVA Silver medal
Documentary making is our passion. Be it a personal ambition or part of someone else's desire to tell the world their story - we will listen, shoot and give it all the attention it deserves.         
                                                                                                                                         Bruce Nixon
The World of Rugby
Ben Atiga was the first subject of a series of rugby interviews destined for the U.K 'World of Rugby' TV programme. Since then we've  been to Hamilton to interview the former All Black coach, John Mitchell and the rising NPC team - the Bay of Plenty. Bruce has teamed up with Jacqueline Leppan, who reports for the U.K - here in NZ.
Date: 2004
5 minutes x 3
Bruce Nixon:
John Mitchell
Setup for interview
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