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2001 - Best Documentary
2001 - Best Script
2005 - AVA Silver medal
Documentary making is our passion. Be it a personal ambition or part of someone else's desire to tell the world their story - we will listen, shoot and give it all the attention it deserves.         
                                                                                                                                         Bruce Nixon
Location Location Location
Now into it's 9th year and still as popular as ever. Bruce filmed many of the last three series with Director, John Hagen. 'Rocket Crews' were ultimately responsible to supply crew to Ninox, and Nixon Pictures was very happy to assist whenever possible. Location Location Location is one of NZ's consistently highest rating TV shows... meeting the people, their homes, their memories and their dreams and of course - the locations.
Date: 2007 & 2008
26x24 minutes
Bruce Nixon:
Director of Photography
Gone Fishin'
In 2002, Nixon Pictures joined Graeme Sinclair for the 1st time to film 'Carter's Gone Fishin' - the longest running fishing series on NZ TV. The series has taken us to Vanuatu, Australia and all around NZ. It's much more than a job - it's an adventure with a best mate and I've learned not to miss holding a rod - amazing I know!
The team in South Australia
Date: 2003 - Current
22 minutes
Bruce Nixon:
For years, Paul Holmes has offered New Zealander's the chance to get a more intimate and an in-depth look at some of the most interesting people this country has to offer, as well as special international visitors. Bruce Nixon has filmed a number of these interviews for Prime TV including Richard Taylor's (Weta Workshop) interview with Paul in October 2006.
Date: 2006
22 minutes ea
Prime TV
Bruce Nixon:
2nd Camera
Paul Holmes
Extreme Close-Up
Award-winning Presenter/Director, Rob Harley made New Zealand sit-up and applaud the real heroes of the nation. People who had overcome against extraordinary and overwhelming odds, and in doing so had changed lives around them. Bruce Nixon worked with Rob on two episodes.
Opening Graphic
Presenter - Rob Harley
Date: 1997 - 1999
2x24 minutes
Bruce Nixon:
Director of Photography
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