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2001 - Best Documentary
2001 - Best Script
2005 - AVA Silver medal
Documentary making is our passion. Be it a personal ambition or part of someone else's desire to tell the world their story - we will listen, shoot and give it all the attention it deserves.         
                                                                                                                                         Bruce Nixon
Twin Coast Life
An award-winning series about real people in the Twin Coast region of North Auckland, NZ & presented by Wayne Douglas.
Each episode's topic was carefully selected and portrayed to be of great interest to viewers throughout New Zealand, despite being filmed in North Auckland.
Date: 1999
26x24 minutes
FTN, CH7, CTV, Mercury
Bruce Nixon:
Writer, Camera, Director, Producer.
Ocean File
This was a fun-packed wet and wild series covering everything 'marine' orrientated. Boating, fishing, diving and surfing were the main topics. Each sport had it's own experienced and professional presenter and this meant that the viewer was exposed to the real facts and relevant material.
Date: 1997 - 1998
13x24 minutes
SKY SPORT, FTN, SPN, CH7, Mainland, CTV, CH9, Mercury.
Bruce Nixon:
Writer, DP, Director, Producer.
Opening Graphic
National Surf Champs
Keene On Sport
Presenter Barry Keene is just that... keen on sport! From a sporting background, Barry saturated this programme with unparalleled enthusiasm!  Keene On Sport - Footy Season' became a cult series of local school, club and premier rugby and rugby league.
Date: 1999 - 2000
65x24 minutes
Bruce Nixon:
Camera, Co-Director
Presenter - Barry Keene
Try time! ANZAC Test.
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Earst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
Produced by Nigel Godfrey of Eureka TV, this has become a regular annual event to celebrate and acknowledge New Zealands most enterprising business people. In 2007 Richard Taylor of Weta won while in 2008, Michael Hill took out the night and went on to represent NZ at Monte Carlo for the World Entrepreneur Awards. The night was edited as a one hour program with Bruce Nixon filming Stephen McIvor's TV introductions and promos as well the entire nights preceedings.
Date: 2006 & 2008
1x48 minutes
Prime TV
Bruce Nixon:
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